• Imagine Your Child at Bright Start

    There is no greater responsibility to us than your child. Our programs, staff, and environment are all focused on your child's learning and growth.Your child is the reason we are in business.
    At Bright Start, we are about providing the best possible experiences for your child.
  • An Enriching Environment

    Young children need a caring environment which offers them the opportunity to learn and have fun. This is what we offer to your child.We care about the well-being of every child entrusted to us.
    At Bright Start, your child's needs are our top priority.
  • Infants To School Age Children

    Our programs will help your child to learn and grow during their critical early years. And we won't forget to include fun as well! Giving young children age-appropriate experiences and learning opportunities is essential. You can be assured that we will do everything we can to provide a positive and fun environment.
  • Become Part of Our Family

    Find out how you and your child can become part of the Bright Start community! Enroll today!
    Our enrollment process is easy and quick.
    We are confident that your child will be happy at Bright Start.
  • Learn Through Play

    Play is an integral part of a child's learning process. It is an essential element of our Bright Start program.
    We balance play with our other experiences for your child.
    We make learning fun at Bright Start!
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Bright Start Learning Center is now accepting applications for children ranging from infants through school age.

CCMS Accepted

Our Grand Opening was held on January 25th from noon to 4 pm. Bright Start Learning Center would like to thank our friends and family who celebrated this special day with us. Special thanks go out to those who helped make this an enjoyable event for the children and those who are still children at heart. They were, our magician, Blaine Tate, the Tiny Tails to You Petting Zoo and our balloon artist, Joshua Blaise.


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